• Management of Breast Cancer in Older Women (dostępna w ciągu 2 tygodni)

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Management of Breast Cancer in Older Women (dostępna w ciągu 2 tygodni)

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Management of Breast Cancer in Older Women offers the reader evidence-based clinical knowledge of older patients suffering from breast cancer. It presents the most up-to-date research and clinical knowledge from the leading specialists across a range of fields that come into contact with older breast cancer patients. Multidisciplinary in its approach, this book covers all the bases for managing breast cancer in older women. The full armament of therapeutic options is presented, as well as the epidemiology of the disease in older women and the specific psychosocial considerations for older patients. Medical oncologists, gerontologists and all involved in the management of older breast cancer patients will benefit from having this unique and important work on their shelf. Malcolm W Reed, MD, MB ChB, BMedSci, FRCS is Professor of Surgical Oncology based at the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in Sheffield, UK. His extensive research history includes work on hormone receptors in breast cancer and the effect of photodynamic therapy on the tumor microcirculation. Riccardo A Audsio, MD, FRCS is Consultant Surgical Oncologist at St Helens and Knowsley University Hospitals, St Helens, UK. His main research interest is exploring the role of surgery within the multidisciplinary management of cancer patients, particularly focusing on onco-geriatrics, and he currently sits on the editorial board of 12 publications.